Illustration: Tord Ketilson


Magnus Bugge (1988) is a Norwegian synthesist, composer and sound artist, with experience from a variety of electronic and electroacoustic music, as well as work with installations, video art, dance, and experimental stage art. Achieved a master’s degree in music technology at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2014. Stylistically his works ranges from experimental noise to minimalist ambient, but always with a focus on listenability, contemplation and narratives.

Photo: Yeoul Son

Selection of past/current/near future collaborators or clients

Agnija Seiko (dance artist), Anders Førisdal (guitarist/Bjørn Fongaard authority), Anders Tveit (composer), Annika Ostwald (dance artist), Asamisimasa (ensemble), Daniel Teige (composer), Die Records Die (record label), Diger (record distributor), Erik Dæhlin (composer), Famlende Forsøk (weird music band), Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad (composer), Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpeter/live electronicsist), Håkon Austbø (pianist), Håkon Stene (post percussionist), Ida Uvaas (dance artist), Ingeleiv Berstad (stage artist), Janne Eraker (tap dancer), Knut Olaf sunde (composer), Koka Nikoladze (composer), Kristin Bolstad (composer), Kristine Karåla Øren (dancer), Lars Erik Sparby (music organism), Loyd Es Menso (artist), Lydgalleriet (arts organization) Magnar Åm (composer), Maria Ulvestad (dance artist), Martin Skjold (guitarist), Matthew Schlomowitz (composer), NeuteK (producer), Norwegian Academy of Music, Notam – Norwegian center for technology in music and the arts, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Ove Alexander Dahl (video artist), Per Anders Store (guitarist), PNEK (arts organization), Padi Dapi Fish (dance company), P L A T E AU R E S I D U E (artist duo), Rolf Wallin (composer), Silje Aker Johnsen (singer), SkRR (musicians collective), Tine Surel Lange (composer), Tord Ketilson Øverland (illustrator/producer), Ultima Oslo Festival for Contemporary Music, University of Greenwich, V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media (arts organization), Øyvind Torvund (composer).

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