Bilayer is duo consisting of Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpet/effects) and Magnus Bugge (analog synthesis). The musicians move freely around in diverse contexts – from minimal arrangements stretching out to the infinity of of time and space, to alien soundscapes of destroying textures and raw emotion.

Bilayer’s music is a story where one does not know the origin to sonic elements. The band has a flat structure where all sounds are equally important and anything might origin from Holsen’s processed trumpet or Bugge’s synthetic sound design. Together Bilayer is an energetic expression exploring the natural tension and resolve tension found in improvised music improvisation and further channels this to complete collaborative compositions.

Bugge is an electronic composer and musician with experience from film scores to sound installations. He has released multiple solo albums, latest “Imaginary Summer” from the summer of 2018. He has worked with several dance companies as a composer and musician, and is part of the stage art group Verdensteatret. Hilde Marie Holsen has released two critically acclaimed solo albums at the label Hubro, “Ask” (2015) and “Lazuli” (2018), and played as a solo artist at festivals like Oslo Jazzfestival, Punkt and Rewire. Together the two musicians builds a bridge between jazz, contemporary music and electronica. The debut album “Bilayer” is up for release at the Norwegian label Va Fongool early 2019.

Since 2015 the duo has been invited to various stages for experimental music: Bidrobon (Oslo), SkRR (Oslo), Friform Kirkenes and Oddnose (Nesodden). During the fall 2018 Bilayer will guest Nonfigurativ musikk (November 17) and Haugesound (November 21).

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